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Crysis Shark Attack Play Video

Crysis Shark Attack 53 months ago

Check out a shark that tries to eat you on land!!!

Man Attacks Sharks Play Video

Man Attacks Sharks 53 months ago

An educational video teaching you about the dangers of shark finning.

Tiger Shark Encounter Play Video

Tiger Shark Encounter 53 months ago

Two large tiger sharks (15' & 13) try to decide to eat the 5' chum tube or ...

JAWS 5 - LAND SHARK Play Video

JAWS 5 - LAND SHARK 53 months ago

Finally Jaws leaves the water and becomes LAND SHARK, and eats and has sex ...

Crazy Shark Encounter Play Video

Crazy Shark Encounter 53 months ago

Wade fisherman is reeling in a trout and a shark comes up and tries to eat ...

Shark Attacks Boat Play Video

Shark Attacks Boat 53 months ago

Two people on a boat follow a shark near the shore where people are swimmin...

Nurse Shark Play Video

Nurse Shark 53 months ago

I filmed this Nurse Shark while in the narrow finger of a reef in Key West,...

Embryonic Cannibalism Play Video

Embryonic Cannibalism 53 months ago

EC in newborn sandtiger sharks ... shark nature amazing cannibal hot

The Great White Shark Song Play Video

The Great White Shark Song 53 months ago

Filmmaker, Songwriter & Shark Junky - Andy Brandy Casagrande IV (ABC4) says...