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Scratch Cat View Image

Scratch Cat 50 months ago

Kitteh calls scratch

Lizzylick View Image

Lizzylick 50 months ago

Here lickin' at you, kid

Angry Bison Chases Kids Play Video

Angry Bison Chases Kids 50 months ago

It's pretty easy to tell if a bison is tame or aggressive. If the bison co...

Jerk Pets: Condoms View Image

Jerk Pets: Condoms 50 months ago

Either this dog is the meanest dog ever or desperate for a baby.

Jerk Pets: Party Dog View Image

Jerk Pets: Party Dog 50 months ago

Decks bring out the party animal in us all.

Jerk Pets: Guilty View Image

Jerk Pets: Guilty 50 months ago

You can see it in his evil, evil eyes.

Jerk Pets: PC Hater View Image

Jerk Pets: PC Hater 50 months ago

Looks like some bird wants its owner to switch.

Jerk Pets: Big Mess View Image

Jerk Pets: Big Mess 50 months ago

We bet these owners were looking forward to a nice relaxing day. But no. Th...

Your Pet Is Sort Of A Jerk View Gallery

Your Pet Is Sort Of A Jerk 50 months ago

Pets are suppose to make us feel better and be our friends. Not destroy our...

Wise dog View Image

Wise dog 50 months ago

Wise dog

Kitteh time View Image

Kitteh time 50 months ago

Kitteh time

Feline wins View Image

Feline wins 50 months ago

Feline wins

Dog Planked View Image

Dog Planked 50 months ago

Dog Planked