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Dog Plays Above the Rim Play Video

Dog Plays Above the Rim 84 months ago

This dog isn't eligible for the NBA draft for another year. In the meantime...

Attack Of The Killer Turkeys Play Video

Attack Of The Killer Turkeys 84 months ago

Remember that South Park episode with all of the killer turkeys? It just mi...

Bulldog Smacks Head On Floor Play Video

Bulldog Smacks Head On Floor 84 months ago

This nine month old bulldog jumps in the air, does half a backflip, and end...

Another Possessed Demon Dog Play Video

Another Possessed Demon Dog 84 months ago

Unless Satan is looking for a new pet I have a feeling this little fella is...

Puppy Can't Roll Over Play Video

Puppy Can't Roll Over 84 months ago

Cute little dog tries to roll over but is confused after he gets stuck half...

Deer Fails At Jumping Fence Play Video

Deer Fails At Jumping Fence 85 months ago

This deer learns at the top of his jump that he no longer has the legs to c...

Ocean's Number One Bad Guy Play Video

Ocean's Number One Bad Guy 86 months ago

I am still not sure I can buy the whole explosion being as hot as the sun t...

Lizard Vs Baby Chicken Play Video

Lizard Vs Baby Chicken 86 months ago

A lizard thinks he has found lunch when he finds a baby chicken all alone.

Laser Pointer Dog Attack Play Video

Laser Pointer Dog Attack 86 months ago

Who needs laser-guided missiles when you have laser-guided Dobermans to coo...

Chick Terrified Of Horses Play Video

Chick Terrified Of Horses 87 months ago

This girl has been absolutely terrified of horses her entire life. She att...

Pig Slop Transport Surprise Play Video

Pig Slop Transport Surprise 87 months ago

This has got to be one of the sloppiest sabotages ever committed by PETA an...

Puppy Passed Out Drunk Play Video

Puppy Passed Out Drunk 87 months ago

You don't need a tiger, Mike Tyson, and roofies to get a hangover. A sixer ...