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The petting zoo, penguin exhibit, and the railroad ride: these are the main attractions for most zoos, lovely animal parks with a family friendly atmosphere (unless the crazy honey badger is coming at you). But even the greatest zoo cannot supply what Break's animal videos can. Imagine the cages were gone and the animals ran free causing havoc throughout the park. Monkey's screaming through food courts. Llamas running rampant across the savanna. This is the Break zoo. From vicious animal attacks to hilarious falls and disgusting animal habits, these clips showcase rare moments from across the animal kingdom.

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Angolan Colobus Baby Play Video

Angolan Colobus Baby 17 months ago

The Chicago Zoological Society is happy to announce the birth of an Angolan...

10 Totally Adorable Cats View Gallery

10 Totally Adorable Cats 18 months ago

No matter how much you may hate them or how much you like dogs better, it's...

Cat beats dog Play Video

Cat beats dog 17 months ago

Weve just found the first pacifist dog

Black Cat Sneak Attack Play Video

Black Cat Sneak Attack 18 months ago

That’s what you get for trying to have pain-free fun.

Dog lurking for scraps Play Video

Dog lurking for scraps 17 months ago

Bodie politely waits thinking there might be some leftovers.

Cute straw thief Play Video

Cute straw thief 17 months ago

Cheeky baby monkey steals straw in monkey jacuzzi

Mad Cow Attack Play Video

Mad Cow Attack 18 months ago

Why were these guys filming a dead cow in the first place?

Goal Keeper Kitty Play Video

Goal Keeper Kitty 18 months ago

That’s fun and all, but teach the cat a real sport. Like football, or MMA.

The Cats Suck Supercut Play Video

The Cats Suck Supercut 18 months ago

Sure they purr and look cute 10% of the time, the rest of the time this is ...

Dog trick fail Play Video

Dog trick fail 18 months ago

Riley the dog eats a bone treat off this good mans nose and also is having ...

Leave me alone! Play Video

Leave me alone! 18 months ago

Pygmy goat pwnes paparazzi wanabe