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Bulls Are Just Like Men Play Video

Bulls Are Just Like Men 104 months ago

I like this bull because hes in the mood for love and he wont let a little ...

Cat Refuses To Exercise Play Video

Cat Refuses To Exercise 104 months ago

This cat is so lazy he would rather let his face drag on a running treadmil...

Get Out Of My Bed Play Video

Get Out Of My Bed 105 months ago

Ive actually been in this same situation before, its late and all you want ...

The Sound Of Llama Love Play Video

The Sound Of Llama Love 105 months ago

Ever wonder what it sounds like when two Llamas get together and make sweet...

Elephant Attacks Tourists Play Video

Elephant Attacks Tourists 105 months ago

A group of tourists are on an African safari viewing some elephants playing...

Horny Llamas Play Video

Horny Llamas 105 months ago

These llamas just randomly started doin it while we were recording them!

Cow Eats Baby Chick Play Video

Cow Eats Baby Chick 105 months ago

I guess humans arent the only ones who love devouring peeps this time of ye...

Cat Vs Printer Play Video

Cat Vs Printer 105 months ago

This cat does not get along well with printers. How funny would it be if yo...

Dog Vs. Man Epic Battle Play Video

Dog Vs. Man Epic Battle 105 months ago

This dog owner has stepped in his last turd and isnt gonna take it anymore....

Pelican Eats A Duck Play Video

Pelican Eats A Duck 105 months ago

This is crazy. Its a nice Saturday morning. All the birds are hangin out ...

A Dolphin In Love Play Video

A Dolphin In Love 105 months ago

A dolphin jumps out of the water to greet his trainer and ends up with a fa...

Whales Ruin Fishing Trip Play Video

Whales Ruin Fishing Trip 105 months ago

It's pretty doubtful that they have the necessary equipment at the local ...

Cute Hamster Enjoys Broccoli Play Video

Cute Hamster Enjoys Broccoli 105 months ago

This cute hamster Mocha seems to really enjoy his first taste of broccoli. ...

Another Day At The Zoo Play Video

Another Day At The Zoo 105 months ago

This has to be one of the most disgusting clips we have ever put up. Watch...

Dog Chases Fake Soccer Ball Play Video

Dog Chases Fake Soccer Ball 105 months ago

This poor confused Jack Russel Terrier chases down a computer generated soc...

Cat Attacks Cute Reporter Play Video

Cat Attacks Cute Reporter 106 months ago

Kathleen Cochrane from WJW Fox 8 in Cleveland gets into a bit of cat fight ...

Eel Bites Off Divers Thumb Play Video

Eel Bites Off Divers Thumb 106 months ago

A scuba diver is feeding Giant Mora Eels near Phuket Thailand when one of t...

Seagull Catching At The Beach Play Video

Seagull Catching At The Beach 106 months ago

This is a great prank to pull at the beach, cover yourself in sand and wait...

Fowl Mouthed Parrot Play Video

Fowl Mouthed Parrot 106 months ago

Meet Ruby the foul mouthed parrot. This parrot must have been hanging out w...

When Lions Attack! Play Video

When Lions Attack! 106 months ago

Lion tries to eat me at The Salt Lake Zoo

Awesome Deer Fight Play Video

Awesome Deer Fight 107 months ago

Watch as these two bruiser bucks try to kill each other to see who will mat...

Hamster Spin Cycle Play Video

Hamster Spin Cycle 107 months ago

This guy attaches a speedometer to his hamsters wheel to see how fast the l...

Woman Really Scared Of Mice Play Video

Woman Really Scared Of Mice 107 months ago

This woman on some radio show has to put her hands in a box of mice, quite ...

Sleepy Puppy Play Video

Sleepy Puppy 108 months ago

I thought this was funny. Its a little dog that is doing his best to stay ...