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Cat Pounces at Mirror Image Play Video

Cat Pounces at Mirror Image 96 months ago

Nothing is funnier than watching animals fight themselves in the mirror. It...

Dog Owns Little Ice Skater Play Video

Dog Owns Little Ice Skater 96 months ago

Even though he is cute, the dog is sure to get a lot of penalty minutes for...

Dude Gets Revenge On Cat Play Video

Dude Gets Revenge On Cat 97 months ago

Even though this is a little mean, it's still a pretty ...

Ninja Cat Play Video

Ninja Cat 98 months ago

Cat videos like this one are actually kind of creepy. This cat moves up a h...

World's Most Fearless Animal Play Video

World's Most Fearless Animal 98 months ago

These little friggin' animals are officially the World's Most Fearless Anim...

Accident At Sea World Play Video

Accident At Sea World 98 months ago

Some chick loses her balance while filming a show at sea world and falls of...

Guard Dog Surprises Robber Play Video

Guard Dog Surprises Robber 98 months ago

Some dude tries to steal money out of a cash register, but he is suddenly s...

Sleepy Bear Falls Out Of Tree Play Video

Sleepy Bear Falls Out Of Tree 98 months ago

Authorities shoot a bear with a tranquilizer dart after it managed to climb...

No Bacon For Breakfast Play Video

No Bacon For Breakfast 98 months ago

A lion attacks a wild boar but the little boar fights back and actually sta...

Rottweiler plays with Kitten Play Video

Rottweiler plays with Kitten 99 months ago

My buddy tells me at least once a week how scary his Rottweiler is. This i...

Puppy Love Play Video

Puppy Love 99 months ago

Billy passed out after a long night of drinking, and his dog decided to tak...