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A cute farm moment Play Video

A cute farm moment 40 months ago

Mother protects baby miniature horse from a gang of vicious pygmy goats

Insane Chimp Fight Play Video

Insane Chimp Fight 40 months ago

So this is where the producers of Jersey Shore stole most of their ideas.

Man vs Crocodile Play Video

Man vs Crocodile 40 months ago

Guess he wouldnt try that without the safety glass

Babysitter bulldog Play Video

Babysitter bulldog 40 months ago

American bulldog looks dangerous but actually is the best babysitter ever

Worst Sheep Rescue Ever Play Video

Worst Sheep Rescue Ever 40 months ago

That moment when no one knows if everyone OK is kind of exciting.

Raccoon pwnes human Play Video

Raccoon pwnes human 40 months ago

Raccoon escapes from cage without even getting sweaty

Evie scares herself Play Video

Evie scares herself 40 months ago

Evie, the cat, scares herself in front of a mirror

Dog Has Mastered The Toilet Play Video

Dog Has Mastered The Toilet 40 months ago

People in a McDonalds restroom haven’t got it mastered as well as this dog.

Duck take off fail Play Video

Duck take off fail 40 months ago

One of the most hilarious fails in the animal kingdom

Cat leap fail Play Video

Cat leap fail 40 months ago

Kitty is thinking too much , that always leads to a fail

cat claims dogs bed Play Video

cat claims dogs bed 40 months ago

Buffy the dog is willing to give a serious bully session to Comfort, the ca...

Rat parkour fail Play Video

Rat parkour fail 40 months ago

Pet rat trying to jump onto bed....

Dog show goes wrong Play Video

Dog show goes wrong 40 months ago

Rottweiller attacks another dog during dog show