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Cookie? Play Video

Cookie? 40 months ago

Digby the pug pretends to sleep until...

Gorilla Pwnes Kids Play Video

Gorilla Pwnes Kids 40 months ago

Gorilla is teaching the youngsters some respect.

Rolling Donkey Play Video

Rolling Donkey 40 months ago

Donkey rolling around. . . for no obvious reason.

Daring Doggy Dentist Play Video

Daring Doggy Dentist 40 months ago

The only cavities found here will be due to the lethally sweet adorable cut...

Epic snail fail! Play Video

Epic snail fail! 40 months ago

I didnt even know that snails could possibly fail

Dont stare at me Play Video

Dont stare at me 40 months ago

Dog doesnt like when staring at him

Emu loves man Play Video

Emu loves man 40 months ago

Emu becomes too friendly...

Cat fail/win situation Play Video

Cat fail/win situation 40 months ago

Kitty getting careless while watching her owner washing the dishes

Hugging a wombat Play Video

Hugging a wombat 40 months ago

You know you want to hug a wombat too

Cute Tiger Cubs Play Video

Cute Tiger Cubs 40 months ago

Just two cute tiger cubs playing