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Pig Amazon Play Video

Pig Amazon 40 months ago

Cute little girl riding a pig. The pig doesn't seem to care a lot.

Koala Cuddle Play Video

Koala Cuddle 40 months ago

How cute is that?

Girl With Baboon Play Video

Girl With Baboon 40 months ago

We think this Baboon is either trying to communicate with the cute little g...

Goat VS Little Girl Play Video

Goat VS Little Girl 40 months ago

Cute girl laughs at the goat,which doesnt seem to like it.

Husky Perfects Playing Dead Play Video

Husky Perfects Playing Dead 40 months ago

Just not enough drama involved in simply lying down this Husky puts some em...

Jumpy Dog Play Video

Jumpy Dog 40 months ago

Oreo seems to pounce on his toys, as if he's playing with a ball of yarn......

Guinea Pig Metal Detector Play Video

Guinea Pig Metal Detector 40 months ago

This guinea pig squeaks when petted. It reminds us of a metal detector soun...

Surprise!  New Pug Puppy Play Video

Surprise! New Pug Puppy 40 months ago

This dude surprises his girlfriend with a new puppy to help her deal with l...

Cody The Screaming Dog Play Video

Cody The Screaming Dog 40 months ago

This just might be one of the most annoying dogs in the entire world.

Goat Rage! Play Video

Goat Rage! 40 months ago

That is one angry ass goat.

Sad Dog Diary Play Video

Sad Dog Diary 33 months ago

The daily random thoughts of depressed dogs.

Monkey Wants Milk Play Video

Monkey Wants Milk 40 months ago

A monkey tries to open a milk bottle. Its not easy though.

Bulldog Hates Seat Belt Play Video

Bulldog Hates Seat Belt 40 months ago

Mac Daddy the bulldog takes a car ride using his new seat belt. He hates it...

Cat Vs. Printer Battle Play Video

Cat Vs. Printer Battle 40 months ago

The epic battle continues between felines and printer robots. Who wins this...

Psychotic Parrot Play Video

Psychotic Parrot 40 months ago

This Parrot is really scary.

Kitten Loves Warm Bath Play Video

Kitten Loves Warm Bath 40 months ago

Have you ever seen a cat actually want to take a bath?

Jumping Ducklings Play Video

Jumping Ducklings 40 months ago

Cute ducklings take their first jump into the unknown.