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Bear Vs. Angry Woman Play Video

Bear Vs. Angry Woman 30 months ago

This bear learned a valuable lesson: when a woman is yelling, you just leav...

Dog Battles Bad Bitter Taste Play Video

Dog Battles Bad Bitter Taste 30 months ago

When life gives you lemons, take a page out of this dogs book and just smas...

10 Pervy Dolphins View Gallery

10 Pervy Dolphins 30 months ago

It's a documented fact that dolphins are not picky about who or what they g...

Baby Goat Is A Douchebag Play Video

Baby Goat Is A Douchebag 30 months ago

Can you spot which baby goat needs to switch back to decaf?

How Not To Jump On A Horse Play Video

How Not To Jump On A Horse 30 months ago

This guys just learned that some horses get a bit skittish when you try to ...

Baywatch with Ham Anderson Play Video

Baywatch with Ham Anderson 30 months ago

How many times do you need to be told to stay out of the damn pool, goat?

Dumbo’s Dookie Delivery Play Video

Dumbo’s Dookie Delivery 30 months ago

They say elephants never forget. Sometimes you never forget an elephant.

Mine! Mine! Play Video

Mine! Mine! 30 months ago

Those Finding Nemo seagulls were terrifyingly accurate. Greedy little SOBs...

When Fish Comes to Shove Play Video

When Fish Comes to Shove 30 months ago

A true friend will film you when an animal makes you fall out of a boat rat...

Caterpillar With A Deathwish Play Video

Caterpillar With A Deathwish 31 months ago

A caterpillar trying to end it all taunts a frog until he finally gets his ...