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DO NOT LIFT THIS DOG'S TAIL! 42 months ago

Someone needs to get this guy to a vet because I don't think tails are supp...

Birds Making Hitchcock Proud Play Video

Birds Making Hitchcock Proud 42 months ago

That guy’s laughing in the video but he pulled over later and was pecked to...

Snake Vomits Up An ENTIRE Cow Play Video

Snake Vomits Up An ENTIRE Cow 42 months ago

Something about this cow wasn't sitting well with the snake. Maybe it's the...

The Great Bear Scare Play Video

The Great Bear Scare 42 months ago

The real question is how were these people allowed to bring their dog into ...

Saving A Baby Wombat Play Video

Saving A Baby Wombat 42 months ago

This baby's mother died, but these humans do their best to save the adorabl...

Dog Vs. Gear Shift Play Video

Dog Vs. Gear Shift 42 months ago

Not sure this is a fight the dog wants to win. Because if this car slams in...

Beaver Waves Back Play Video

Beaver Waves Back 42 months ago

This beaver knows how to wave. But what else? We're all going to be taken o...