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Killer Whale Tug Of War Play Video

Killer Whale Tug Of War 39 months ago

As long as they don't try to kill you, Orca whales are some of the most pla...

Jesus Christ Lizard Play Video

Jesus Christ Lizard 39 months ago

This lizard doesn't walk on water ... it runs.

45 Cute Dog Tricks Play Video

45 Cute Dog Tricks 39 months ago

Some of these are pretty simple, but no doubt it's a talented pup.

Happy And You Know It Play Video

Happy And You Know It 39 months ago

Talented bird. Not sure why he needs to have the plate on his head to sing...

Monkeys Go Cliff Diving Play Video

Monkeys Go Cliff Diving 39 months ago

Off the coast of Thailand a group of monkeys take turns running up a large ...

Kitten Meets Hedgehog Play Video

Kitten Meets Hedgehog 39 months ago

Well, if you don't think this one qualifies for cute video of the day you'r...

Dog Has A Drinking Problem Play Video

Dog Has A Drinking Problem 39 months ago

Straight from the tap, nothing refreshes like Coors Jack Russell Lager.

Pakour Goat Play Video

Pakour Goat 39 months ago

Pet goat uses a little parkour to scale a 5 foot fence.