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The petting zoo, penguin exhibit, and the railroad ride: these are the main attractions for most zoos, lovely animal parks with a family friendly atmosphere (unless the crazy honey badger is coming at you). But even the greatest zoo cannot supply what Break's animal videos can. Imagine the cages were gone and the animals ran free causing havoc throughout the park. Monkey's screaming through food courts. Llamas running rampant across the savanna. This is the Break zoo. From vicious animal attacks to hilarious falls and disgusting animal habits, these clips showcase rare moments from across the animal kingdom.

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Dog Plays Pool Play Video

Dog Plays Pool 17 months ago

We would have been more impressed had he not dropped the eight ball.

Black Swan Feeds Koi Play Video

Black Swan Feeds Koi 17 months ago

A friendly swan helps out some Koi by feeding them food.

Dog Loves Meerkat Ad Play Video

Dog Loves Meerkat Ad 17 months ago

Roxy, the dog, is a great fan of the meerkat commercial.

Cat Vs Dog Wrestling Match Play Video

Cat Vs Dog Wrestling Match 17 months ago

Tough cat has the dog pinned for nearly the whole match in Round One.

Shark Bites Man's Hand Play Video

Shark Bites Man's Hand 17 months ago

The shark really didn't think this whole thing out. Sure he got his reveng...

No Water For You Play Video

No Water For You 17 months ago

Dog refuses to let a baby lion near his water bowl.

Sometimes Nature Just Sucks Play Video

Sometimes Nature Just Sucks 17 months ago

A fish sneaks up behind a mother duck and steals one of her ducklings when ...

Dog Pushes Baby Play Video

Dog Pushes Baby 17 months ago

This boxer pushes the baby away.

Possum Eating Apple Play Video

Possum Eating Apple 17 months ago

A good gentleman is sharing an apple with a cute possum.

Pug Fail Play Video

Pug Fail 17 months ago

Pug trying to catch light and falls off the bed.

Clever Capuchin Monkey Play Video

Clever Capuchin Monkey 17 months ago

A capuchin monkey uses a stone to crack nuts at Jaraguá Park, São Paulo.

Goat Blocking Door Play Video

Goat Blocking Door 17 months ago

Big pregnant mama goat cannot get through a door until she gets a push from...

Girl VS Duck Play Video

Girl VS Duck 17 months ago

Girl catches a flying duck.

Slurping Cat Play Video

Slurping Cat 17 months ago

Roman slurps his water.

Dog Shakes It Play Video

Dog Shakes It 17 months ago

Shake, shake, shake.

Surprise, Shark! Play Video

Surprise, Shark! 17 months ago

Nothing like suddenly seeing a large Tiger shark swim by while spear fishin...