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The Puppy Bowl Is Bulls**t Read Article

The Puppy Bowl Is Bulls**t 28 months ago

You've probably seen the ads over the years for this thing called Puppy Bow...

PUPS Or FedRex? Play Video

PUPS Or FedRex? 28 months ago

Cute and all, but best part of your day? What an awful day a mailman has.

Too big toy Play Video

Too big toy 28 months ago

Dog tries to get in with a very large toy

Dog Ruins Baby's First Steps Play Video

Dog Ruins Baby's First Steps 28 months ago

When this dog isn't the center of attention, it lets you know how it really...

Saddest panda ever Play Video

Saddest panda ever 28 months ago

Cute little panda desperately wants to climb a tree

Cow fail Play Video

Cow fail 28 months ago

A cow with head stuck in trucks wheel-well

Fat cat defies physics Play Video

Fat cat defies physics 28 months ago

Mozart squeezes through the cat door. He is on diet now

The Crying Pug Play Video

The Crying Pug 28 months ago

Zeke, the pug, doesnt like to be restrained

First World Dog Problem Play Video

First World Dog Problem 28 months ago

Maybe he should focus on spiritual enrichment instead of accumulating ever-...

A flying cat Play Video

A flying cat 28 months ago

A kitty creating chaos

Cat with colossal patience Play Video

Cat with colossal patience 28 months ago

Kiity was stepped on, slapped, ear picked and head locked within just a few...

Naughty monkey Play Video

Naughty monkey 28 months ago

Monkey enters car, scares little boy and dog