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Parkour Cat Play Video

Parkour Cat 39 months ago

Cat shows off some amazing parkour skills to find his little toy mouse.

Kitten Vs RC Helicopter Play Video

Kitten Vs RC Helicopter 39 months ago

No cats or helicopters were harmed in the making of this video.

Kid Scores With Chicken Play Video

Kid Scores With Chicken 39 months ago

Watch this shirtless hoopster score a basket with a chicken.

Pet Bird Gives Kisses Play Video

Pet Bird Gives Kisses 39 months ago

Cute sound this bird makes each time he kisses his owner on the cheek.

How Not To Rescue A Bird Play Video

How Not To Rescue A Bird 39 months ago

That dog just sat by the entire time looking innocent just waiting for the ...

The Cat's Dilemma Play Video

The Cat's Dilemma 39 months ago

Doesn't matter how rundown the hole in the wall is. It's still not cool to ...

Laser + Cat = Bowling Play Video

Laser + Cat = Bowling 39 months ago

The Big Lebowski would have been much more adorable this way.

Cat Helps Guy Juggle Play Video

Cat Helps Guy Juggle 39 months ago

The cat is demanding a percentage of the juggler's profits.