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Talented Homeless Dog Play Video

Talented Homeless Dog 32 months ago

A talented dog has been trained by his homeless owner to walk around outdoo...

Squirrels Eating Pizza View Gallery

Squirrels Eating Pizza 32 months ago

Independence Day is nearly over, feed pizza to a squirrel while you still c...

Dive Bombing Monkeys Play Video

Dive Bombing Monkeys 32 months ago

At least these monkeys have figured out a way to keep cool during this insa...

How Not To Play Fetch Play Video

How Not To Play Fetch 32 months ago

Step 1: Let go of the leash. Step 2: Tell dog 'Go fetch!'. This kid just ...

Man Challenges Bear Play Video

Man Challenges Bear 32 months ago

In this video a complete idiot challenges a bear who's wandered into his ba...

Apes Family Play Video

Apes Family 32 months ago

Apes Family

Bear Cub Exploring A Garage Play Video

Bear Cub Exploring A Garage 32 months ago

This bear cub decided it'd go exploring in this person's garage. It's sort ...

Flying Ninja Kitten Kick Play Video

Flying Ninja Kitten Kick 32 months ago

Kitten just couldn't take the squeaking anymore and finally had to land a f...

Cat Fight Play Video

Cat Fight 32 months ago

The argument would have never escalated this far if only ...

These Are Some Bad Situations View Gallery

These Are Some Bad Situations 32 months ago

You never know when it's going to happen, but you're going to find yourself...

Cat Wants His Privacy Play Video

Cat Wants His Privacy 33 months ago

Creepy cat wants a little privacy while he is in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, In Australia View Gallery

Meanwhile, In Australia 33 months ago

The land down under is mysterious to those of us on the other side of the w...

Cockatiel Victory Song Play Video

Cockatiel Victory Song 33 months ago

After spending a few romantic seconds with his girlfriend this Cockatiel pr...