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Ninja Cat Play Video

Ninja Cat 103 months ago

Cat videos like this one are actually kind of creepy. This cat moves up a h...

World's Most Fearless Animal Play Video

World's Most Fearless Animal 103 months ago

These little friggin' animals are officially the World's Most Fearless Anim...

Accident At Sea World Play Video

Accident At Sea World 103 months ago

Some chick loses her balance while filming a show at sea world and falls of...

Guard Dog Surprises Robber Play Video

Guard Dog Surprises Robber 103 months ago

Some dude tries to steal money out of a cash register, but he is suddenly s...

No Bacon For Breakfast Play Video

No Bacon For Breakfast 103 months ago

A lion attacks a wild boar but the little boar fights back and actually sta...

Puppy Love Play Video

Puppy Love 104 months ago

Billy passed out after a long night of drinking, and his dog decided to tak...

Dog Smarter Than Baby Play Video

Dog Smarter Than Baby 104 months ago

The age old debate of who is smarter dogs or babies has finally been settle...

Amazing Australian Lyrebird Play Video

Amazing Australian Lyrebird 105 months ago

I've never heard of these birds before today but apparently they can mimic ...

The Dramatic Cat Play Video

The Dramatic Cat 105 months ago

Nearly a year ago today was our first look at ...

Camel Carries Car Up Hill Play Video

Camel Carries Car Up Hill 105 months ago

I always figured camels were probably strong but it is impressive to see on...

Lion Video Play Video

Lion Video 105 months ago

While on safari, these tourists observe some very strange behavior in a gro...