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Orangutan breakdown Play Video

Orangutan breakdown 37 months ago

Orangutan plays peacefully when, suddenly, is having a mild mental breakdow...

Polar bear dance Play Video

Polar bear dance 37 months ago

Polar bears does what appears to be the bear moonwalking

Fire siren dog Play Video

Fire siren dog 37 months ago

A very good back-up in case that the alarming system fails

Cat attack Play Video

Cat attack 37 months ago

It was a well planned jump

Cute young seal Play Video

Cute young seal 37 months ago

This young seal will make your day

Cute lazy ferret Play Video

Cute lazy ferret 37 months ago

Javik, the ferret, is heavily sleeping. Obviously he had a hard day working...

Cat vs possum Play Video

Cat vs possum 37 months ago

Eski, the cat, is not very warm towards the poor possum

Gibbon on tightrope Play Video

Gibbon on tightrope 37 months ago

Gibbon at Monkeyland crossing the suspension bridge in a very novel way

Mom and baby monkey Play Video

Mom and baby monkey 37 months ago

Little fellow had been having probles to follow the family. The mom came ba...

Dogs singing Mozart Play Video

Dogs singing Mozart 37 months ago

Opera guy gets a little help from his dogs

Dog fail Play Video

Dog fail 37 months ago

Heavy sleeping dog falling off a stool

Little lamb Play Video

Little lamb 37 months ago

Just a cute little lamb

Dog imitating panda. Play Video

Dog imitating panda. 37 months ago

Bull terier sitting like a boss and rubbing its own belly.