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Caterpillar View Image

Caterpillar 21 months ago

that's just too phallic

Sluggo View Image

Sluggo 21 months ago

Some kinda slime trail

Land Snail View Image

Land Snail 21 months ago

That's bigger than some dogs

Yeeuch View Image

Yeeuch 21 months ago

Why are its jaws so big?

Scorpion View Image

Scorpion 21 months ago

That's a chubby little monster

Weta View Image

Weta 21 months ago

Biggest bug in the world.

Leaf View Image

Leaf 21 months ago

Ain't they fancy?

Centipede View Image

Centipede 21 months ago

Still not as gross as the Human centipede

Beetle II View Image

Beetle II 21 months ago

They keep these as pets in some places.

Moth View Image

Moth 21 months ago

Wingspan like a dinner plate

Termite View Image

Termite 21 months ago

Looks juicy

Creeper View Image

Creeper 21 months ago

They ate these on Fear Factor

Beetle View Image

Beetle 21 months ago

It's like the size of a kitten

Stick 2 View Image

Stick 2 21 months ago

Remember that scene with these things in Indiana Jones?

Japanese View Image

Japanese 21 months ago

This is why you never go into the country in Japan.

Bird Snack View Image

Bird Snack 21 months ago

That has to be terrifying

Spider View Image

Spider 21 months ago

why do you do this, nature?

Stick View Image

Stick 21 months ago

Yeah, no.

Webbing View Image

Webbing 21 months ago

That's gotta be what, all the spiders ever?

Cat vs Deer...Sorta Play Video

Cat vs Deer...Sorta 21 months ago

Apparently no cats have ever wandered into the woods before.

Would You Eat Sewer Fish? Play Video

Would You Eat Sewer Fish? 21 months ago

I mean... It looks big enough but i don't think I would grill it up