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Clever Capuchin Monkey Play Video

Clever Capuchin Monkey 41 months ago

A capuchin monkey uses a stone to crack nuts at Jaraguá Park, São Paulo.

Goat Blocking Door Play Video

Goat Blocking Door 41 months ago

Big pregnant mama goat cannot get through a door until she gets a push from...

Girl VS Duck Play Video

Girl VS Duck 41 months ago

Girl catches a flying duck.

Slurping Cat Play Video

Slurping Cat 41 months ago

Roman slurps his water.

Dog Shakes It Play Video

Dog Shakes It 41 months ago

Shake, shake, shake.

Surprise, Shark! Play Video

Surprise, Shark! 41 months ago

Nothing like suddenly seeing a large Tiger shark swim by while spear fishin...

Cat With Tag Play Video

Cat With Tag 41 months ago

Cat helps friend to get rid of the luggage tag.

Pig Amazon Play Video

Pig Amazon 41 months ago

Cute little girl riding a pig. The pig doesn't seem to care a lot.

Koala Cuddle Play Video

Koala Cuddle 41 months ago

How cute is that?

Girl With Baboon Play Video

Girl With Baboon 41 months ago

We think this Baboon is either trying to communicate with the cute little g...

Goat VS Little Girl Play Video

Goat VS Little Girl 41 months ago

Cute girl laughs at the goat,which doesnt seem to like it.

Husky Perfects Playing Dead Play Video

Husky Perfects Playing Dead 41 months ago

Just not enough drama involved in simply lying down this Husky puts some em...