Two DWI’s In One Night Lead This Zombie-Dressed Partier To One Crazy Mugshot

Getting arrested after a Halloween party can really be a buzzkill. But this partier didn’t get one, but actually two Driving While Intoxicated arrests in one single night. The arrests happened within three hours of each other in upstate New York.

26-year-old Catherine Butler went to a party dressed as a bloodied zombie when afterwards she drove her car with her headlights off. She was taken into the nearest police station and booked for the first DWI. After a friend later picked her up, she decided to drive again and was arrested again. The first round she had a .11 alcohol level and a .09 on the second.

If there’s one thing zombies shouldn’t do, let alone do drunk, is drive.

Lucky for her and the other drivers on the road, no one was harmed besides her pride because this mugshot is all over the internet today.

And as always, don’t drink and drive.

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source: Newsnet5