Real Estate Website Wants You To Know How Nightmarishly Haunted This House Is

People have always been fascinated by haunted houses, but one listing for a home in Pennsylvania is being either brutally honest with how awful the poltergeists are in their home or faking a story that makes their house stand out beyond any other listings. Regardless, it certainly caught our attention with how nightmarish it sounded.

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With details like “screams at 3:13AM maybe once a week” and “the occasional ghastly visage lurking behind you in the bathroom mirror”, this house sounds like a real love nest for any family looking to move. The listing also mentions a wet bar in the basement which seems like a much better selling point if the sellers are in fact lying about the haunting. But after seeing the post on Reddit’s forums, it looks as though the owners have had this house up for sale for a long time now which makes one wonder that if the sellers are lying, it’s clearly not getting the house sold any faster so maybe…they’re telling the truth?

Apparently they are.

A journalist wrote up about the house being first on the market two years ago, with the owners standing by the details of their listing. After the house gained popularity, someone who had grown up next to the house years ago said they found a human head in the basement. Y’know, things that really shouldn’t ever be in a basement unless you hope to encounter a ghost.

The owners said that they wanted to admit the hauntings on Zillow’s real estate website but also wanted to have some fun with it hoping any interested parties wouldn’t be fearful of the extra residents the house kept. But it seems the seller’s attempts are probably lost on anyone even remotely interested because blood-curdling screams at 3AM sound like a real bummer to even the most interested haunted house fan.

Regardless, if you’re looking to actually live in a haunted house, the 4 bed portal to hell is still up for grabs!