5 Things We Found Out About The Potato Salad Kickstarter Guy

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Jul. 07, 2014

He goes by the name of Zack Danger Brown and his Kickstarter has become a national phenomenon. 

Since posting maybe the weirdest Kickstarter campaign on the famous crowdfunding site, Brown has raised almost $30,000 for creating a potato salad that warns its contributors "it might not be that good. It's my first potato salad." But the internet did not care. They want to see this potato salad happen. Bad.

And with every media outlet posting the same info about the Kickstarter campaign with its rewards, info and goals, we wanted to find out who the man is behind the Potato Salad Kickstarter. (*cue our Dateline-esque intro if we had one).

What does the Potato Salad creator look like?

There's a single photo of two men as Zack Danger Brown's Kickstarter Profile, seen here...and at this exact size.

But which is Zack Danger Brown?  Maybe they're both ZDB, kinda like Daft Punk or Gnarls Barkley, but we found a picture of who the potato salad genius really is, and it's not the dude in fatigues.

This guy really wants to make some potato salad.

So has this guy funded any Kickstarter projects or is he just a newbie who found a brilliant loophole?

ZDB has funded four, count'em four Kickstarter projects which have all reached funding.  The projects include a book that teaches you how to draw, a creative strategy game, a system that utilizes your heart-rate during a specific game or project and a kickstarter to help re-build a foundry in Columbus, Ohio. So he has given to Kickstarter before and seems like he invests in worthwhile projects.

What does the kitchen where the potato salad making will take place actually look like?

He's practicing his potato boiling techniques.

It's safe to assume this will be the kitchen where the potato salad will be made based on a kickstarter updated posted by the youtube channel Archer Avenue.

Here is the video that we found where Zack thanks you for your support in making his dreams come true. BONUS POINTS for spotting the oven mit he will likely use in boiling the potatoes for the potato salad.

What else does the guy do besides creating amazing Kickstarter campaigns?

In short, the guy's a genius. Not like a "he found a way to make a ton of money through a joke Kickstarter" kind of way, but like a really smart guy type of genius. After graduating Denison University in 2005, he went on to start an interactive media company for web, mobile devices and "desktop experiences" called Base Two. No wonder he's never made a potato salad before, the man has no time!

How can I thank Zack for his courage in making his first potato salad besides a message on Kickstarter? 

He joined twitter in 2009 and is updating his social media page pretty regularly right now lucky for us. You can find him at @ZTBrown.

His Kickstarter still has 25 days left and is almost at $30,000 so I'm pretty interested to see how much exactly this salad will raise.  Either way, I can't wait to get a look at its beauty.

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Xzelick User

Graduating from a crappy college and starting a 1 person company makes you a genius now?

pre2345 User

any one else notice he has to say like 5000+ names while making the potato salad going to be interesting 

PineappleDouche User

Last I checked it was up to $38,000 a couple of hours from me posting this comment

snowman815 User

I think he'll be canceling it. He's in way over his head already, unless he's looking to start a potato salad by mail business.

If you check out his kickstarter you'll see that he's already committed to the following.

- Deliver 371 bites of the potato salad (by mail)?

- He has to add 266 peoples suggested ingredients to the salad

- Let 131 people hang out with him in his kitchen while he makes the salad

- 4 signed jars of mayo, and backer's name's carved into potatoes

- Send 158 potato themed hats

- Send 173 T-shirts and bites of potato salad.

- Do this (see below) for 44 people:

POTATO SALADS OF THE WORLD: Receive a recipe book with potato salad recipes inspired by each country where we have a backer along with a bite of the potato salad, a photo of me making the potato salad, a 'thank you' posted to our website and I will say your name out loud while making the potato salad. The recipe book will have a dedication page with the name of each of our backers.

AND rent a party hall for 510 people, where he will be serving potato salad.

HarryBalsagnae User

this guy is so gay that he probably farts rainbows and sneezes glitter

Spawnova User

People are absolute f*cking idiots.