Is This A Glimpse At Ben Affleck’s Batmobile?

Zack Snyder tweeted today what looks to be a sneak peak at the new Batmobile.  And it’s looking pretty good.

Is this THE Batmobile that will be driven by our new Batman Ben Affleck or some sort of red herring to keep us from knowing what the real Batmobile will look like.  As old school as it looks, I can’t help but wonder if it’s the latter because this almost looks like a rough draft version of the Batmobile from Batman Forever, sans massive bat wing finn.

Regardless, it’s nice to see what looks like a design going back to the basics of what made Batman’s car so iconic in the first place, and not just a tank.  But maybe a tank is better than having THIS look again.

[[contentId: 2608672| | style: height:287px; width:512px]]

We all know my position on Zack Snyder directing the Justice League, which goes for Superman vs. Batman as well. I mean the guy cast Ben Affleck of ALL people for God’s sakes. How much goofier of a Batman can you get?  But that’s not to say the film’s props and overall look will suffer. I’m sure he has a top notch design team backing the movie up and I am excited about the overall look of having Superman and Batman finally together in one movie.