Zach Braff & Donald Faison Said They Will Cater Pizza For Your Gay Wedding

After an Indiana pizza place (Memories Pizza) refused to deliver pizzas to a gay wedding, Memories Pizza created more memories for themselves after the news had gone global leading to death threats which ultimately saw Memories closing their doors until further notice. Since the restaurant’s rule went viral, two unlikely celebrities are coming to the rescue of gay weddings everywhere. Well, mainly the state of Indiana.

Zach Braff and Donald Faison are offering their services to bring pizza to your gay Indiana wedding.

Of course I couldn’t help but raise a few questions after seeing their “advertisement”.

1. Why are they making this offer while driving a speedboat?

2. Maybe the gay wedding would rather have a restaurant (who is willing) to sell them pizza instead of two guys from Scrubs.

3. If it comes down to it, the gay wedding would probably rather just make their own pizza. Bake some dough, get some sauce with toppings and you have a pizza.

Regardless of the backlash Memories Pizza has gained from their anti-gay wedding stance, they’ve actually gained an equal amount of support since restaurant owner Kevin O’Connor closed Memories’ doors. A GoFundMe account had been started which raised over $25,000 to support his family while his business remained dormant. Sounds like a lot until you consider the place may never open again according to the hate posts on its Yelp page.

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