TV’s Original Batgirl Yvonne Craig Passed Away, America’s 1st Superhero Babe

Move over Black Widow, it’s time to give credit where credit is due. Yvonne Craig who portrayed Batgirl in the 60’s television series Batman unfortunately passed away today at 75. And of course we can’t let it just slide by without giving Craig a send off to remind all of you how awesome (and how much of a babe) Craig really was.

Starting her entertainment career in ballet, Craig quickly became the first ever female superhero role model to girls everywhere, Batgirl aka the librarian Barbara Gordon, appearing on Batman from 1967 through 1968. In that one year, she became a cult icon even to this day with her memorable purple costume and yellow bat emblem. And if you didn’t know, the character of Batgirl was created by DC Comics for the TV series to help rejuvinate the show for its third season. Yvonne Craig literally originated the role.

But Batgirl wasn’t the only empowering character Craig portrayed. She was also one of the iconic green space women from the original Star Trek series, having appeared in the episode “Whom Gods Destroy” in 1966.


But being a television actress wasn’t her only career in life. Later on, as she got older, she was successful in the real estate business and became an advocate for union workers. She was also publicly vocal for free mammograms to any woman that wanted one.

She was also the very first spokesperson for equal pay for women. Check out this PSA featuring Adam West promoting equal pay as far back as 1973.

Unfortunately Yvonne Craig had been battling breast cancer for the last two years, which had recently spread to her liver. She passed away today but was quite the trailblazer for both comic book, movie fans and really women everywhere. Every female hero in pop culture came on the shoulders of Yvonne Craig. And what a 60’s babe! Rest in peace.