Check Out A 19-Year-Old Steve Buscemi When He Worked For The NY Fire Dept.

Actor Steve Buscemi is probably the world’s greatest character actors alive. Sure, you have performers that can really encapsulate a performance, but it’s Buscemi that really take it to the next level and it’s not so much Steve Buscemi anymore. It becomes Mr. Pink from Reservoir Dogs or Donnie from The Big Lebowski. But Buscemi wasn’t always an actor. In fact he was quite the opposite because in his youngin’ days he was actually a New York City fireman Engine Co. 55 in Manhattan’s Little Italy. Today, someone on Reddit posted a picture of a 19-year-old Buscemi during that era.

He’s like a damn teen idol in that photo! Of course we all know the story of how Buscemi went down to help out Engine 55 once again during the 9/11 clean up, but it’s rare we see images of him in his younger days before he became a Hollywood actor.

Buscemi (circled) during 9/11.

Buscemi served with Engine 55 for four years before taking his acting career to the next level after attending Lee Strasberg Institute for the performing arts. And I think we’re all happy he did.

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source: Reddit