Young Boy Bites Into Deep Fried Towel At Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Seems like KFC is on a roll this month and I’m not talking about their delicious butter biscuits. A woman in Great Britain, Krystal Henderson was shocked to discover that the Kentucky Fried Chicken meal she bought her step-son Oliver actually contained a deep fried towel. Now you can wipe your hands while you’re still eating!

Is this part of KFC’s push to get customers to eat more fiber?

They thought they would be mopping up greasy goodness from their fingers with a paper towel, not biting into a large blue one. I guess the good news is that this makes it a boneless meal? Henderson bought the fried towel at the Killingworth KFC and took it to go. However instead of tasting the delicious, yummy chicken, boy -I could really go for some chicken right now– Oliver bit into an old blue towel. The type of towel that is used for cleaning and disinfecting industrial kitchens had apparently fallen into the batter in the deep fryer and the cook didn’t notice. Whoops! This is sort of like when you order onion rings but accidently get a french-fry in your basket, but the french-fry could have just mopped up a KFC toilet. Those toilets are extra crispy.

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This is the one time Towlie really wants you to forget a towel.

Henderson immediately returned to the offending KFC where employees told her to call a customer complaint hotline. At this point with all the complaints rolling in, the KFC complaint hotline is probably turning into one of those 1-900 party lines.

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They just can’t let go of this trauma.

Henderson says that she had to keep calling the hotline to get a response and finally after an investigation, KFC apologized in writing and offered her a free meal! A free meal for her and the little boy who lost his appetite for a week; both of them say they are never eating at a KFC again. Don’t worry though, KFC says the towel was from a blue roll that is used for… hygiene and that they’ve retrained the staff at this location on proper kitchen procedures to ensure this doesn’t happen again. So remember guys; don’t deep-fry the towels.   

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In this letter KFC explains why it’s hard to tell the difference between a fried towel and their chicken. Yum indeed!

Fortunately for him and for KFC this kid wasn’t attacked by a pit-bull, so the Internet won’t get too outraged and they won’t have to pretend to care and give the family 30 thousand dollars.

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