You Won’t Believe Why This Protestor Was Arrested

Can you guess why police arrested this protestor?

There is a reason this guy is so happy.

If you guessed that Kalan Sherrard was arrested after he pulled out a fake, toy penis in front of police officers during a protest you would be correct. Sherrard was with a group of thirty people wearing masks on Sunday who were protesting the Art Bassel exhibition at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The protest was “against rich people” who apparently were attending the art show. I’m protesting against vague protests, but I’m too lazy to pull out a sex toy.

Police tried to escort the disruptive group out of the convention center when he turned toward the cops, put his hand down his pants and yanked out a fake penis, screaming “Fuck Art Basel, Fuck all you rich people!”

Sherrard who you can tell by the dead snake wrapped around his neck is a “well known” New York City street performer, had his fake penis impounded by officers who charged him with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. His friend Maria Valenzuela was arrested and charged with the same crimes when she tried to intervene with Sherard’s arrest. That’s true love.

The weird part is that they seem like the type of folks who would be into some of the art at Art Bassel. Maybe there are some discount penis sculptures they can grab for their NYC performance art.

Debate: Is it legal to arrest someone for pulling out a penis if it’s fake.. and confiscate their sex toy?

Source:  Miami Herald

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