You Won’t Believe What This Randy Fish Did To President Obama

President Barack Obama is currently on a three day trip to the state of Alaska. Thus far he has taken a bunch of scenic selfies in the Alaskan wilderness, taped an appearance on the reality survival show, Running Wild With Bear Grylls and said something or other about climate change and melting glaciers, blah, blah, politics. However it was one photo that captured the hearts and minds of us here at Break. Love him or hate him, you have to laugh at this picture of the Leader Of The Free World…. getting jizzed on by a FISH. Oh my.

And yes, when I use the term “jizzed” I am in fact referring to the standard definition that you are thinking of. On September 2nd 2015, in the remote fishing village of Dillingham Alaska, Obama visited Kanakanak Beach where he met with Commercial and Subsistence Fisher Kim Williams. While you may not approve of Obama’s economic and healthcare policies, at least one Alaskan fish was super excited to meet the President. The silver salmon released milt, the sperm containing liquid of male fish. Splat!

Reporters looked on in horror and or amusement as the large silver salmon gave a presidential seal of approval. Obama said;

“You see that? Something’s got on my shoes. … Generally you don’t want fish spawning on your feet. He said he was happy to see me.”

While Obama didn’t have had that fish fried and served to him on a golden plate like Donald Trump would have done, he did get to try some of the locals salmon jerky which he declared “pretty good.”  I guess things could have been worse:

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Source: US News