You Won’t Believe Kermit The Frog’s New Girlfriend “Denise”

Many fans of The Muppets were devastated to learn that the rainbow connection was broken when it was recently announced in a joint statement that Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy had ended their decades long relationship.

 Now another complete bombshell has been dropped. Kermit The Frog didn’t take long to find another pig to pork. No, that is not a derogatory euphemism; Kermit loves them pink women. His new girlfriend also happens to be a pig and her name is “Denise”.  What do you guys think, is it me or is Denise kind of hot?

Hopefully someone warns her that Kermit says “Hi-ho!”

Kermit will be working with Denise on the new Muppets Show coming to ABC at the end of September.  The new show promises to have more adult, topical humor, so I’m guessing we get to see Fozzie Bear in a Donald Trump wig doing immigration jokes about “those frogs.”*

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*Probably not.

Denise plays an ABC marketing executive working closely with Kermit who is getting some of that bacon strange.

Yes or no?

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Source: NY Daily News