You Could Totally Be Drinking Reused Sewage Water Right Now

gross sewer water pouring out of a pipe

Image Source: News 24

Who’s ready for some toilet water? Well, you can now have the next best thing: Sewage.

A chemical is being used to turn some California sewer water into drinking water. Orange County sewer water to be exact.

We all know about California’s severe lack of water, so a process has been developed to recycle what is being flushed down the toilet.

Here are some of the yummy details:

a picture of Dow Chemical headquarters

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  • Dow Chemical is the company that produces the water cleanser and their water division pulls in about $1 billion per year.
  • That’s a lot of toilet juice people are drinking…
  • Snehal Desai, one of the top dudes at Dow, explains the process.
  • The first step in the filtration, he said, “We call it the big-tooth comb.”
  • The big-tooth comb is like a huge rake that dips into the sewer and pulls out things that cannot go into the soon-to-be pure water. Like all the floating stuff…
  • Cardboard, toilet paper, tampons, toys… all sorts of stuff.
  • Then the water left is free of debris, where it then gets put through the county’s water treatment facility to be purified and put back in people’s water pipes.

Orange County's water purification system.

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  • 850,000 O.C. residents already get the water pumped back through their faucets and into their mouths…
  • The chemical contains ‘membranes’ that take out microscopic pieces of sewage and stuff… you know, crap and urine.

  • But surely this is only those quacks in Orange County, right?
  • Nope. Officials are saying that poop water will be the best source of water for California for the next 25 years.
  • “And it isn’t just happening here. The same goes for many water-strapped regions of the world,” said one official.

Dog drinks water form the toilet.

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  • Technically, water in a toilet after it has been flushed is supposed to be fresh water and I’m not drinking that either.
  • Desai calls the recycled sewage “the Rolls-Royce of municipal water.”
  • Seriously, I truly would rather live with daily dehydration than willingly put this down my throat.
  • Or maybe just kill myself.

Glenn fills bottle with dirty water on the walking dead (GIF)

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  • A social psychologist tried to sum up the gross-out feeling of drinking this:
  • “Accepting recycled wastewater is kind of like being asked to wear Hitler’s sweater. No matter how many times you clean the sweater, you just can’t take the Hitler out of it.”
  • Not sure why anyone would ask you to wear Hitler’s sweater, but I totally get what he’s saying.

Hitler cartton, three reichs and you're out.

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  • But Desai has a quick comeback. “Not every city has an ocean, not everyone has good lakes and rivers,” he said. “But everybody’s got sewage.”
  • And there could be worse things than drinking sewer water…
  • Like drinking water that came from the sewer.

Source: MSN