You Can Own An Entire Town In South Dakota For Just $250,000

Normally when the bad guy in a movie says “I own this town!” he is not being literal. However for one lucky buyer in South Dakota, someone may actually own the town and not just be a scheming sociopath.

  • Originally priced at $399,000 the ghost town of Swett, South Dakota is now on sale for a bargain of $250,000.
  • Having been on the market for over a year several buyers fell through. It is hard to see why considering that for about the price of one regular house you get a four bedroom home, a store, six acres of land.. and your very own tavern!
  • And the best part for your loners is that no one else lives in the damn town. You get to hang out in your own bar and never have to wait to get served!

If this looks like heaven to you, then head to Swett!

  • Before World War II the town had a population of 40 in its bustling heyday.
  • In 1932 the US Post Office was established in the town store owned by a farmer named Swett, so I guess that’s where they got the name. Luckily the guy’s name didn’t sound like another bodily secretion.. or was Bearfuqer.
  • The town’s population slowly dwindled until the post office closed.
  • Up until a few years ago the Swett Tavern was a party hot spot. And by party hot spot I mean one of those crazy biker bars you see in movies but don’t think exist in real life. One visitor said of the tavern; “You need a Bowie knife to get in this place and a chainsaw to get out.”

Swett Tavern, before it closed down last year. Bet they had a sweet Karaoke night.

  • Previous prospective buyers were people who wanted to be their own mayor, prepper types and reality show producers. Which would be a great show; “Who Wants To Marry A Mayor- Survivalist?”
  • The realtor representing the property, Stacie Montgomery says that the four bedroom house the town comes with may even be haunted! So if you want to live out in the middle of nowhere and by the mayor of your own town, the only people you will have to worry about are already dead.

Would you buy your own town knowing you would be the only person who lived there?

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Source: HuffPo