XBox One Just Became PizzaBox One

Video game consoles can do so many things besides just play video games. You can rent and watch movies and TV shows on them. You can listen to your entire catalog of music. You can even order video games and download them right into your own console. The only exercise most gamers got was running to the game store and trying not to have a stroke from all the heavy breathing. Now, a new update to the Xbox One console even eliminates the need to get up and walk to your phone to order pizza since you can order one with your Xbox One controller. 


The Xbox UK Twitter feed announced a new app for their star video game delivery service that provides a direct link to the nearest Domino’s Pizza location. All they have to do is pick the pizza and drinks that they want, make sure that they have a working credit card and hit “send” and a piping hot pizza will be delivered right to their door. All that’s left is for the Xbox One to find a way to get the pizza and give the delivery guy a tip for you so you don’t have to get up to answer the door or even put on pants. 


Sadly, the app is only available to Xbox One owners in the UK but we’re pretty sure that Microsoft has plans to bring a pizza delivery app to the US very soon. We just hope that they bundle it with the new “Just Dance” game or some kind of interactive aerobics game just to counterbalance the effects on our collective waistline.