This Yoga Studio’s “9 + 11 = 20% Off” Sale Didn’t Go Over So Well

Let’s say you run a business and you are thinking of using one of our nation’s greatest tragedies as a theme for an in-store promotion. Here’s a tip; don’t! A yoga studio in Arlington, Virginia, called Bikram Arlington learned this the hard way when they tweeted out a “Patriot Day Sale” promotion. They even went as far as to include a “clever” math problem with it “9 + 11 = 20% Off!”

After this ad, I think the Yoga classes are going to be at least 20% percent less less full.

After Yoga fans apparently weren’t thrilled with the 9/11 promotion, Bikram Arlington quickly made an apology.

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Yeah, why do you guys have to be so negative on 9/11?! – OK, so he said he was sorry, kind of, and should have let it go there. But good old Frank had to keep going:

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Oh, Frank!

Some of you who might have read the internet in the last ten years will know that the mention of “building 7” is a reference to a 9/11 “truther” conspiracy (like he said, look it up). Which brings up the question; if Frank is a truther, why is he honoring Patriot Day? And if “yoga brain” makes you a 9/11 truther, does doing the downward dog make you a birther? I’m just asking questions. Like, is Bikram Arlington still honoring the 20% off? I bet they have a lot of room in their classes.

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Serious question: Will it ever be OK to use 9/11 for publicity and advertising the way we have “Memorial Day Sales” and barbecues? Or will this always be off limits?

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