This “Yes Means Anal” Sign Isn’t The Worst Decoration This Texas Fraternity Had

“Sexual misconduct is a serious issue,” said a spokesperson for the Texas Tech University regarding the classy sign above.

Fraternities are becoming more and more blunt in their messaging. And the boys of Phi Delta Theta found a creative way to let everyone on campus know how trustworthy they are with this “No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal” sign on their front lawn during a party last weekend.

What a bunch of Hemingways

But that’s not the only raunchy decoration the fraternity had up. They went to great lengths with this cutout of a woman’s legs bearing a sprinkler between them. It was the larger decoration due to their hurricane themed party. And what hurricane themed party is complete without a “vagina sprinkler”, I ask you?

Yep, that’s a “vagina sprinkler” alright.

But the young fellas of Phi Delta Theta can’t claim to be all that original since a Yale fraternity was suspended for 5 years after chanting the “No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal” mantra on a campus march in 2011. Which is leading most to wonder if the same punishment will come to the Texas fraternity, even though it was only in sign form on their lawn. Unfortunately college laws are worse than most and really have zero patience for these types of shenanigans. Especially since the Yale fraternity was suspended on grounds of enforcing a “sexually hostile climate”. In other words, I doubt the “vagina sprinkler” helped in the fraternity’s defense.

So stay classy, Texas Tech University. There’s nothing like national attention for having a “vagina sprinkler” on campus.

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source: Huff Po