Yelp Reviewer Uses Breasts To Make Posts Way More Entertaining

He goes by the name Charley C. on Yelp. He’s from Bakersfield, CA, and he loves reviewing food. But more importantly, he loves featuring a woman’s breasts hovering above each meal. And it’s pretty hilarious.

Sometimes, the reviewer has some fun with a little tongue-and-cheek humor that I couldn’t help but notice (aside from the breasts that is), with keywords like tender, juicy and mountains.

We literally know nothing about this guy or his busty friend other than what Charley states in his bio: Yelping since “January 2009”, When I’m Not Yelping…”I’m apologizing to my wife for a funny joke gone out of control” and Current Crush “Kate Upton “. That last one makes sense. His favorite movie is also Adventures in Babysitting, for what it’s worth.

The joke, one can safely assume Charley is referring to, is showing off his wife’s cleavage alongside his picture posts, which I have to say, is kind of brilliant. It certainly made me want to write about it! I just hope the restaurants personally thank Charley for reviewing their establishments, because this is a genius way to get people to really pay attention to these random joints. Of course, if you’re a hardcore Yelper, you didn’t need the extra boost, but as for the rest of us, this might be the missing ingredient the site needed.

So carry on, Charley C. I’m curious what you’ll be reviewing next, even though I live nowhere near you.

Check out the full list of Charley’s reviews HERE. (H/T: Uproxx)

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