What’s This Weird Yellow Flash In The Russian Sky?

Check out these Russian dashcam videos;

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That’s probably not normal, right?  But if it’s not normal, what is it?

Lucky for you the internet is here to explain that bright, yellow light and your best guesses so far include;

  • Meteor
  • UFO
  • Military exercise
  • Factory explosion
  • Experimental weapon
  • Nuclear weapon

Wow, is that all?  Thing is, nothing has bene confirmed, so wild speculation seems to be the bets anyone can do.  And the longer it goes without an explanation, the crazier the explanations will be that people come up with.  Because if someone can’t confirm it wasn’t a UFO within 10 minutes, then it must not only be a UFO, it must be many UFOs that the government knows about and is covering up.  This is how paranoid nutters think.  Whatever you don’t tell me is what you obviously should have told me because it’s the truth. 

So far the Russian military is denying they had anything to do with it stating no exercises or training were taking place in the area.  Scientists don’t agree however on whether or not it could have been a meteor with some saying the color was wrong while others say one could have exploded in the atmosphere and been that color so shut your uneducated, Russian yap.  We’ll have to wait until a few more experts add their opinions to that theory.

If it was a factory fire it happened at the crappiest, most unloved factory in all of Russia because no one ever called it in and emergency services never responded to anything at all that night, so that’s probably out.  If it was a nuke, likely everyone would be dead, so that’s probably out.  This really just leaves us with meteor or UFO.

While meteor is up for debate, keep in mind that if this was a UFO, the vessel of some advanced being that can travel beyond its own galaxy using some means our science doesn’t even understand yet, what did it do, leave the high beams on?  Forget to draw the shades over the bathroom window?  If you’re a UFO pilot, probably one of your first lessons is on how to cruise through Earth territory with the lights off so stupid humans don’t notice you.  Unless it was alien punk kids joyriding in a stolen UFO, then maybe this is the interstellar equivalent of mailbox baseball.

For real though, it was probably just a meteor.

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BUT, check out this video in which a faint red glow seems to be the reason these kids are filming anything at all before it brightens to the yellow flash.  Does that mean this was something people saw coming or planned?  Could just be Russia’s 4th of July.