Woman Who Lied About Trump-fans Attacking Her May Be A Victim of Her Own Family

A couple of weeks ago, a news report in the mainstream media was turned into a cause celebre of anyone who was predisposed to hate Donald Trump and his supporters; which is to say, almost all of the mainstream media.

Yasmin Seweid claimed that three "drunken white men" had attacked her on the NYC subway, shouting to her about Donald Trump and trying to tear off her Hijab. The 18 year old college student claimed that they called her a 'terrorist', and that she was targeted as a hate crime for being a visibly Muslim woman (she is of Egyptian descent, though born in the U.S.A.).

On her Facebook, she claimed that people looked on and did nothing to help her.

Her story tied in neatly to repeated claims that Donald Trump's victory in the recent US Presidential Election had led to an epidemic of hate crimes.  Unfortunately for those who promoted her story, it turns out that like several other fraudulent claims of 'hate crimes' since the election, none of Seweid's story was true.  It was, in fact, some of that 'fake news' that the mainstream media love to talk about and never admit to engaging in.

It turns out that a police investigation on the "hate crime" quickly found that there was no sign of the "three drunken white men" ever existing, no onlookers who watched and did nothing, and zero video evidence of any attack.  None of it actually happened. 

But why?

It turns out that Yasmin was out past the curfew her family continued to impose on her. She had been out drinking. She knew that all of this would enrage her strict Muslim family. So she invented the story about the attack to protect herself.  She posted it on Facebook, possibly not realizing that it would be picked up by an eager mainstream media, and that this would trigger a police investigation that would quickly uncover her lies.

Yasmin has now been charged for falsely reporting a crime, a crime that could land her a year in jail. And her story only gets more strange and shocking from there.

She was seen entering the courtroom with her head shaved. This was not some kind of voluntary fashion statement; it was described as a "punishment" given to her by her extremely religious parents.

She admitted to making up the lies, and apparently aside from her breaking curfew and drinking, part of her fears of her own family that led her to make up the story was due to the fact that she was dating a non-Muslim boy.  This is something which is strictly forbidden to Muslim women in Sharia law. In all the major schools of Islamic jurisprudence, while Muslim men are allowed to marry Jewish or Christian women, Muslim women are strictly forbidden from marrying any non-Muslim man. In at least three of the major schools of Sharia law, it is treated as 'reprehensible' ("makruh", a special category of religious crime), and any Muslim woman who knowingly engages in a relationship with a man who is not Muslim is to be punished "as an adulteress". That is to say, death by stoning.  Death is also the punishment for any Muslim woman or girl who engages in pre-marital sex; though a few of the more merciful schools of jurisprudence suggest only 100 lashes instead.

Incredibly, it has now also come out that in 2012 her brother also made up a very similar story, claiming that he had been assaulted by three men, which was later found to be a false report, apparently intended to cover up the fact that he and some friends had been breaking into cars.

Some elements of the mainstream media, as well as Islamic advocacy groups like CAIR, have tried to continue to defend the mainstream media's rush to believe and promote Seweid's fake story. They claim that the fact that this story, as well as other similar "Trump Hate Crime" stories, were later found to have been fabricated does not take away from what they imagine is the 'reality' of the 'islamophobia' in society and its propensity for violence.

Curiously, they don't seem to be reporting on what might be the real tragedy in this story. Yasmin Seweid does seem to be a victim; not of "white racists" but of her own family's extreme views.  Yasmin was so terrified that she invented a story to try to protect herself; and she apparently ran away from home for several days as her story began to unravel.  Her family do not seem to be taking any kind of responsibility for the conditions that led Yasmin to lie to the police.  On the contrary, they don't seem to have any kind of qualms at all with their brutal treatment of their own daughter.  They were not the least bit ashamed of admitting that they forcibly shaved their 18-year-old legally-adult daughter's head as a "punishment" and claimed that the problem was that she was becoming "too westernized".

Those words, "too westernized", should be seen as a very dangerous warning signal, especially combined with how obviously fear of her own family played a huge part in Yasmin's fabrications. An average of 27 women and girls are murdered in "honor killings" in the U.S. alone every year. The overwhelming majority of these women and girls coming from strictly-religious Muslim families.  And given that in a great number of these cases the family members who murder them claim that they did so to avoid or avenge "shame" for their family over the actions of their wives/sisters/daughters for becoming "too westernized", why is no one in the mainstream media reporting on the REAL potential hate crime that might be taking place here? Namely, the 'hate crime' of the abuse and violence against girls and women in fundamentalist Islamic immigrant communities?

Yasmin Seweid may very well have reasons to fear for her life, but not from imaginary drunken Trump-supporters.  And if she ends up an honor-killing statistic, or even if she doesn't but other girls do, the mainstream media would have a share of the blame for refusing to report the real story here.