Restaurant Creates Up To 90% Discount For Women Wearing Extremely Short Skirts

Depending on your point of view, a restaurant owner in Jinan, China has come up with either a brilliant marketing ploy or just a piggish one. Female customers are able to receive up to 90% off their meal depending on how short their skirts are. Short skirt discounts start at 20% off, with skirts measured three inches above the knee, but the owner thinks the ladies can do much better than that. This could also drive the more skeevy male customers to heading to Hot Pot for a little cheeky people watching. Regardless, Hot Pot owner Yang Jia is already seeing booming results with women lining up to have their skirts measured on opening day of their new promotion.

‘This is the low-season for hot pot restaurants. We wanted to start a promotional campaign that could attract our core audience. Our restaurant has opened for five months. We have one special promotion every month.” Yang, who studied commerce in Britain for eight years, added: ‘We wanted these promotions to bring good sales to us. The promotion brought us around 50 tables of customers on Sunday.’

Unfortunately the discount does not apply to men (c’moooon!) but we do have one big concern toward Hot Pot’s new discount code; does it apply to all women?

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