X-Rays Could Finally Show Us What Dark Matter Looks Like

Mankind has longed to find a mysterious substance out in space known as dark matter. We may be closer than ever to finally seeing the stuff thanks to the discovery of some X-rays in some distant galaxies.

Science just got a whole lot cooler. 

NOTE: If reading about complicated science stuff makes your head hurt, you might want to just stop now and enjoy this video of some hot women playing Twister (http://www.break.com/video/brazilian-chicks-playing-twister-2795524). It’s not only easier to understand but you’re also learning some important lessons about biology. 

Quick science lesson:


Astronomers from the European Space Agency were examining some data collected by the XMM-Newton spacecraft when they noticed a strange rise in X-ray emissions emanating from the Andromeda and Perseus galaxies. The astronomers couldn’t identify the corresponding signal to any known matter and they believe it could be from the mysterious substance known as dark matter, the invisible gravitational mass that does not interact with light. 

Thanks to the show “Futurama,” this is the only other time in history we’ve been able to see what dark matter looks like. 

The research team who noticed the X-rays believes it could be from dark matter because “the decay of sterile neutrinos is thought to produce X-rays so the research team suspects these may be the dark matter particles responsible for the mysterious signal coming from Andromeda and the Perseus cluster,” according to the story. 

If their theory is correct, this could be the first step to the future we dreamed about as children. Astronomers and astrophysicists believe that dark matter could become the new power source that drives mankind to a new era of space exploration by building a dark matter “jet engine” or creating artificial black holes to power space vehicles. Personally, we just hope that this finally means we’re going to get flying friggin’ cars. 

Source: Discovery