Chinese Man Has Full Body Tape Worm Infestation; Is Horrifying


How good is your BS detector?  Maybe you can decide if this story is the real deal or another in a long line of tales that the media picks up and runs with because just sort of no one working at any media outlet on earth cares about truth anymore.

Today’s gross tale is about a Chinese man with a hearty love of sashimi, which you may know as raw fish with parasites in it.  Actually, the parasites are a bonus and don’t need to be included but for the purposes of this story they’re very necessary as x-rays purport to show the man so severely infested with tape worms that he’s a full body infestation of gross, just walking around like a sci fi monster. 

This is what Hell looks like

Snopes hasn’t been able to confirm or deny the tale, so maybe it’s entirely true, but if it is, just look at these x-rays and try not to scream.  Every little white blob you see is a tape worm.  Can you even imagine being that infested? They’re everywhere in his body.

Now you may be thinking “clearly this is crap, tape worms only infect your gut,” but not so fast, Mr. Wizard.  There is, in fact, a species of worm that, when the eggs are ingested, will just infect whatever part of your body their grossness can get to via your blood stream, including your brain.  They just form terrible cysts and live in you.  They live in you!  Worms!  Did you know an adult tapeworm can live for 20 years and can grow to 50 feet long?  THIS MAN IS A HORROR MOVIE!

If real, this man is waiting to re-enact the criminally underrated James Gunn horror film Slither and could possibly explode in a gush of human effluence and parasitic nightmares at the drop of a hat.  If that’s the case, I advise you to take one big step back and throw up.

Anyway, with only a shaky Chinese paper as a source, we may never know the whole truth here.  What’s your take?  Is this a fraud or is there a guy out there right now who will never, ever touch a woman again thanks to his super massive parasite overload?