Here’s Your First On Set Photo From ‘The X-Files’ Revival Series

The show that made all of us want to believe is coming back in 2016 and it’s been quite a joyous occasion for sci-fi buffs everywhere. But since the news broke a few months ago that the FOX show would be coming back, there has barely been a peep in terms of what the show’s plot would really involve. Would it be an episode by episode type of adventure or one long drawn out storyline filled with government intrigue? Well unfortunately we’re still a little in the dark in terms of story, but today we’re getting our very first image of the show’s filming and it seems like they’re adding a few interesting guest stars to boot.

Yessir, that is Community’s Joel McHale in the middle of a scene with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. What or who his character is, we have no friggin’ clue, but hey, at least we know the show is actually coming to fruition with a few surprises lying beneath.

McHale has been having fun on his twitter account, announcing that he is indeed playing a role in the show while revealing a few spoiler images for his fans while he’s on set. Holy crap, is that concrete?!

Now, let’s hope the next spoilery image is of Fox Mulder hanging from the side of a UFO while Scully chases after them in a hot air balloon. I can see now why I wasn’t hired to help write the revival.