WWII Era Lockbox Discovered And Its Contents Are Amazing

Let’s start this with a question – do you think there could be a lockbox from WWII out there still, packed full of awesome loot, or is this a fake?  Right now, no one knows.

Supposedly discovered with the aid of a metal detector on an old Russian battlefield, a series of pictures document the digging up and opening of the box.  The contents, if genuine, are just a treasure trove of awesome memorabilia, propaganda and booze from the time.  It appears to have belonged to a German soldier who had a penchant for contraband.

1: Pulled from an old Russian battlefield, it certainly looks legit.

2: Everything inside is pristine.

3: Reishmarks were the currency during the Nazi regime.

4: Dude was in a hurry to cram some clothes in here.

5: Looks like you could still smoke these.

6: And another box.  At least we know what this soldier’s hobby was.

7:  What’s the point of smoking if you can’t have a drink.  But man, those bottles sure look perfect.

8: More Nazi gear. Hopefully someone can confirm this as real or a hoax soon.


So, amateur historians and internet skeptics, what’s your call?  Real deal or BS?