7 Mind Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About WWE Legend Chyna, 1970-2016

It’s with sad news that we report Chyna, the WWE legend (real name Joanie Laurer) has passed away. Laurer who was 45-years-old was found in her Los Angeles home with medical examiners still speculating as to what had happened but some are already saying she suffered an overdose of some kind. Regardless, she will definitely be missed and was one of a kind beyond her talents as a wrestler.

But beyond wrestling and her brief stint in porn and reality television, let’s focus on some cool things even her more passionate fans didn’t know about the wrestling all-star.

1. She could play the violin and cello.

Laurer was taught as a child and continued to play into her adult years. A wrestler who could play such a delicate instrument you do not want to f*ck with.

2. She admitted that one of her first sexual encounters was with a teacher.

Listen, we couldn’t find a picture of her teacher so Stone Cold Steve Austin will have to do. Laurer was apparently in the seventh grade when she had a smooch with a teacher. That teacher had some balls!

3. She has a breast implant model named after her.

China DOS.

What were they called? “Chyna 2000’s” and will cost you $6,000!

4. She held jobs as a singer in a band, a cocktail waitress at a strip club and a sex phone operator.

She also trained to be a flight attendant, sold beepers and belly danced to make a living. That’s right, Chyna was kickass on many occupational levels. One beeper, please!

5. She has a degree in Spanish Literature.

Laurer graduated from the University of Tampa in 1992. Curious if that teacher she smooched taught Spanish!

6. She’s been the only actress to ever portray Marvel’s She-Hulk professionally.

Okay, sure, it was for a porn but that doesn’t make this fact any less true.

7. She would usually finish last place in all of her early fitness competitions.

Okay, this isn’t a COOL fact per se, but it certainly proves a point. Apparently Laurer should’ve entered bodybuilding competitions instead of fitness because it was her muscular size compared to the other women that would cost her points. This fact certainly makes her more human and proves one should never give up on their dreams, no matter how many times you might fail.

Rest in peace, Chyna. You were one of the best.