This Burglar Clearly Regrets Breaking Into WWE Champ Daniel Bryan's Home

If you are going to rob someone’s house, there are a few things you don't want to happen. One, you don't want the owners of the house to come home. Two, if they do come home, you don't want them to be a pair of professional WWE wrestlers. But that’s exactly what happened in Phoenix, Arizona, this week as former wrestling champ Daniel Bryan - real name Bryan Daniels (see what he did there?) - came home with his wife to discover two burglars.

These guns stopped a bad guy.

He quickly ran after them and was able to subdue and put one in a choke hold until police arrived. I suppose the whole confrontation sounded something like;  “Oh my God! He’s got the chair! – No really, he has my chair … and my television."

Yes! Yes! Yes! This guy picks the worst houses to rob.

The wrestling champ was easily able to take down the reportedly out-of-shape Cesar Sosa. He says that while he was angry, at a certain point he was concerned about NOT hurting Sosa so he wouldn't get sued. Here you can watch the entire news conference where Danielson and his wife, WWE star Brie Bella, tell the story. They actually seem like really down to earth people, and the news conference is pretty entertaining. They say their first concern was making sure that their dog Josie was OK. Bryan also added that Sosa is lucky he got to him before Brie did, because she would have "been more violent."

It would have been awesome if they had brought out Mean Gene to do this press conference, and had the Danielsons describe the take down of the burglar in character.

Do these Nobel prize winning burglars plan to target Manny Pacquiáo’s house next, followed by the home of Chuck Liddell? Maybe they were the same group of astrophysicists that took on a semi-pro MMA fighter who works at a gas station convenience store. He recently took down a few would-be robbers who jumped his co-worker outside the station:

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