Writer’s Ex-Wife Pulls Gun from Genitals Over Space Aliens!

We all like to get into heated discussions on hot button issues like “Have space aliens visited Earth?” And sometimes those heated discussions on space aliens lead us to sticking a loaded gun in our lady parts. Wait what? Jennifer McCarthy, ex-wife of Pulitzer Prize winning writer Cormac McCarthy had been arguing over aliens with her boyfriend. She decided the best way to win that argument was to put on some lingerie and begin using her silver gun like a sex toy, which is a whole fetish I really don’t want to know anything about.

McCarthy acknowledged to the police that she did have a gun out (and in) while she and her boyfriend were arguing. While playing with the firearm she asked him “Who is crazy? You or me?” I’m guessing the boyfriend is the crazy one for dating this woman.  He became frightened when she started pointing the gun at his head, thinking she might pull the trigger. Although I would have been frightened once the gun was pointed up her baby maker while she was screaming about aliens.  To his credit he took the gun from her and put it in the safest place possible; the toilet.

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McCarthy was married to author Cormac McCarthy from 1998 until 2006 and they have one teenage son from the relationship, who is super proud of his mother’s debate skills. I think anyone who is willing to stick a gun in their vagina in order to prove that space aliens have visited Earth and abducted humans while performing experiments where they insert alien death rays into their own genitals, is probably right.  Although nowhere does it say this was her argument, I think it’s safe to assume it was. Charged with Aggravated Assault on a Household Member, she is now out on $5000 bond and holding onto one slightly scented gun just in case the aliens come for her.

What would you do to win an argument?

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