This Is The Greatest Wrestling Move Of All Time Involving A Penis

Professional wrestling (and not-so-professional wrestling) has been around for decades and whether you’re a fan or not, you’ve pretty much seen all of the wrestling moves there are. But you certainly haven’t witnessed this one before.

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Let’s break this one down.

Now, from what we can tell, the mustached gentleman got his junk grabbed by his opponent, which is clearly an illegal move. HOWEVER, the opponent didn’t count on the mustached gentleman having a magical penis. A wand if you will. One that could turn the tables, grab onto the dude’s hand and crush it like a raisin.

He crushes his opponent’s hand not once, not twice, but three times despite the junk-grabber trying with all of his might to fight back.

Of course if one has a magical penis, crushing an opponent’s hand isn’t the only talent it might possess. The wrestler then wills his penis to take his opponent’s entire body and flip it like a flapjack on a hot stove as his final move before defeating his opponent.

Now that, ladies and gentleman, is a wrestling move that can’t be reckoned with. Now we know why grabbing dude’s junk is illegal in this sport I guess.