‘Wreath Witherspoon’ Is The Best Reese Witherspoon Holiday Pun You’ll See Today

While this might be something you would find on your mom’s Pinterest page, as a connoisseur of fine puns I tip my hat to Minday Kaling who you might remember from The Office and her current show The Mindy Project.  In an episode of The Mindy Project  last week she created a “Wreath Witherspoon”- which is a Christmas Wreath decorated with pictures of the actress Reese Witherspoon. Brilliant.

When she asked her followers on Instagram to share their own Wreath Witherspoons the Internet opened its Santa bag of goodies and obliged. Below are some of the best Wreath Witherspoons, of which Wreath- I mean Reese herself has given a good holiday cheer of approval saying;

“”The many variations of a #WreathWitherspoon. Hahah….Love it!!!”


While these are pretty tight, what are some other holiday – Hollywood actor visual puns you would like to see? I’d be down if someone made something a little more manly like a Morgan Treeman, a Willem Damistletoe or a Sylvester Stocking Stuffer.  

Here are the best of the Wreath Witherspoons.



Source: ET Online 

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