Would You Eat 3D Printed Food?

3D printing.  It seems pretty cool even though most regular people have no access to it yet.  We’ve seen guns, a woman in a sexy plastic dress and all kinds of pointless plastic knick knacks since we first learned about it.  And now, finally, 3D printing is becoming awesome because NASA is going to use it to print food.  And not just any food, pizza.

3D printing food works mostly the same as 3D printing anything, you just replace the polymers with food ingredients and water.  The stuff gets extruded and cooked and there you go.  So how do you make a 3D pizza?  Squirt out a dough that cooks as a prints, then squirt out dried tomato with water and oil for sauce and for the super treat of a topping a “non-descript protein layer.”  We’ve all seen video clips that ended like that.

It may not sound like the most delicious pizza you’ve ever had, but that’s just the recipe for the very first printed pizza, they’re bound to get better.  If all goes as planned this technology can be used by astronauts in space and in many parts of the world that suffer through famine and malnutrition.  But all of that is going to be a precursor to you and I having these in our homes and that’s the real test for a product.  Is this something we really need in our lives?  Let’s evaluate the pros and cons!

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Pro: No more putting up with delivery guys or late orders

Con: Creepy shut ins will be able to go months at a time without even seeing the sun.

Pro: Makes life more like Star Trek

Con: Someone’s bound to just try to live off of protein and fat cubes

Pro: Save time making dinner by just downloading and printing recipes

Con: Printer jam causes you to cook a festering bologna, watermelon and cheese pie

Pro: Printer jam causes you to cook whiskey tacos

Con: Run out of tomato ink, printer compensates by just printing more dough

Pro: Can download hundreds of recipes for food you’d never otherwise be able to make

Con: Forget to clean print heads, everything you cook tastes like salmonella

Pro:  Pie anytime you want it

Con: Pretty much no chance that non-descript protein layer won’t cause diarrhea

Pro: Download recipes from Gordon Ramsay and you’ll impress your date

Con: PC Load Letter

So at the end of the day, do you think 3D printed food is going to be worth it?

— Ian (@holytaco)

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