Acclaimed Atheist Richard Dawkins Blocked This User For Asking A Tough Question

MichaelKolander by MichaelKolander on Jul. 24, 2014

Richard Dawkins is probably the world's best-known atheist. His anti-religious views have gained him millions of fans, but his unapologetic disdain for the faithful has made him a polarizing figure.

In books like The God Delusion, Dawkins paints believers in a less than flattering light, claiming they are more interested in superstition than reason. But now it seems Dawkins is the one who is being unreasonable. Rather than answering a simple question on Twitter, the so-called "champion of logic" blocked a user who challenged his beliefs.

See for yourself.

It's one thing to disagree with someone. But it's quite another to silence them for asking a question you don't like. How can Dawkins claim the moral high ground when his actions are no better than the religious leaders he decries?

What do you think? Is Dawkins being a hypocrite? Sound off in the comment section below.

Stinkydoggy User

For the record, I would touch poop for $20.

it_will_be_alright User

Awesome article haha. It's also atheism in action. "If I can't see it, it doesn't exist." dunces.

pknocker40 User

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Anders-Maagaard-226 User

Congrats Break. This is by far the most uninteresting ting you have ever posted. You absolute retards.

turdwater User

I lol'd. Thanks, Break!

andyman4 User

Im embarrassed for Sir Dawkins....

RobJVM User

This is f'ing gay.

Assfitman User

I think whoever wrote this "article" at Break is either too stupid to know how to handle a troll, or is a sad troll him/herself.  Very weak.


Why would he waste his time with a stupid question like that?

Adam-Campbell-257 User

this has to be the most retarded post iv ever seen i cant believe its real

Mekon User

I met Dawkins once through his wife Lalla Ward.  I do respect some of his interesting views but he came across as a right snooty tosspot when I met him.

Lemonjuice43 User

The people who upload this shit on here only do so to get you people riled up. They know it's completely moronic and write out these articles to get the comments rolling. That's why MichaelKolander is on here commenting back to people in a completely ignorant way and the same reason why he will like all of your comments. 

Shake-IT2 User

I Think blocking that user actually strengthen Dawkins moral high grounds.

retek04 User

There is a vast difference in refusing to answer a "tough question" and refusing to entertain a person that is obviously only posting to waste RD's time and get some cheap lulz out of it. That kind of question is nothing but an attempt to distract, embarrass, and for lack of a better term, "Troll."  

Just like this article.


mascoma User

That is just a stupid question, If your going to ask a question ask one about why he believes what is does and why. Asking a man if he would touch poop, is just moronic at best and down right imbecilic at the least.

jimbo5252 User

hey Micheal Kolander, to answer your question about if Dawkins is a hypocrite, I need to ask you this first. Would you touch vomit for 20$?

Obiwayne66 User

Dont suffer fools gladly. 

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

Well, I'm with Dawkins, the question was stupid, do that to your friends at a party or something.

CurTas UserTop Commenter

I think this is hilarious. That guy is so lame he fell for the same stupid question twice. 

LawnBuffalo User

Do you just automatically get a like for posting something here? If you like everything everyone is saying, it explains why you posted this pointless piece.

grandiloquent User

A next question would be something like, "would you suck D*ck for $100.00"... and so on.  better to cut it short before it gets out of hand.

lordtoad User

I'm religious, and don't care much for Dawkins, but I can't blame him for blocking an idiot.

timsurway User

The humour of this article is unfortunately too subtle for most people to grasp

Rob-Main-516 User

To thing I expected to read a question by a theist that stumped Richard Dawkins. It will never happen.

AlaskaBound User

Break....trying to beat ebaumsworld at being the trashiest and most pathetic site that doesn't feature double amputee porn since 2007!


Its funny...the only answer to a question that I would care to hear from Dawkins is whether he would touch poop for $20.

mustangman6799 User

Because that question is irrelevant and a waste of his time.  Richard Dawkins has better things to do than answer inane questions.

Tsoko User

@it_will_be_alright Because it makes so much more sense to believe in some super hero from a book with many other instances of made up shit that cannot happen.

MichaelKolander moderator User

@Lemonjuice43 Yeah, but in all fairness, I didn't expect most people to get riled up. There's always a few, but I figured once people read the word "poop," it would be clear the headline wasn't serious (at least to most people). That said, I failed.

mustangman6799 User

@bananaexperience Perhaps you should open your eyes.  Evolution happens constantly, in everyone, every time an animal is born it's evolved.  I'm truly sorry you don't understand the phenomenon or how it works.


@BlankTitanic because on Break there is no prerequisites of standards against which BS is measured. Heck - half the time they just make shit up!

legacy27 User

@mustangman6799 I'm not religious, but in all honesty, no... Richard Dawkins does not have anything better to do then to answer inane questions since that is all he does.

MichaelKolander moderator User

@mustangman6799 How do you mean? Why is it stupid? Because Dawkins doesn't agree with him asking it? Seems pretty closed mined to me.

mustangman6799 User

@MichaelKolander   "Would you touch a poop for $20?"  You don't see how that's an inane question?  An irrelevant waste of an intellectuals' mind and time?   Are you the tool asking the question?  You're a goddam idiot.

MichaelKolander moderator User

@LawnBuffalo I know. That's what I like most about you. Send me your address privately via facebook and I'll send you a token of my appreciation in the mail. I also promise not to come to your house.

MichaelKolander moderator User

@mustangman6799 "You don't see how that's an inane question?  An irrelevant waste of an intellectuals' mind and time?" How do you figure?