This Is Why You Don’t Rob A Store In Front Of A Pro Boxer

Ah, what an age we live in. When one man’s blunder can become the internet’s early morning chuckle at his terrible misfortune, but he brought it on himself.  In the little town of Bradenton in the state of Florida, because of course it was, a strange man walked into a Walgreens and demanded oxycodone from the pharmacist. So far so typical. 

The problem with our friend’s plan, as you can see in the video, is that pesky third wheel.  The customer already in the store was not down for a robbery at all and, in fact, throws down on the would-be robber.

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Turns out the other customer has two things going for him, he was a champion boxer and the boyfriend of the girl being robbed.  Bad news for the robber.  The customer proceeds to beat on the robber so mercilessly he loses consciousness and quite a bit of blood at the same time.

Police arrived and took their suspect away.

You’d think this might be a rare occurrence but these days robbery is no easy way to make a buck.  Just shortly before this another robber was taken out by an off duty cop inside the store.  The same day in Sussex another pair of good Samaritans stepped in to prevent a robbery. The next day another attempted robbery got thwarted by a pair of friends.  It’s becoming second nature these days.

While most are probably very serious fights over a weapon, some robbery attempts are just goofy.  A suspect trying to rob a Chinese restaurant in Springfield was run off when an employee dumped a handy bucket of water on the guy, scaring him away.  Another ill-prepared thug had a gun in the waistband of his pants that he showed off to potential victims, just before trying and failing miserably to get it out of his too-tight pants.   The suspect struggled with the gun for a short while his would-be victims used the opportunity to run away.

Remember kids, crime doesn’t pay.