10 Most Hardcore Canned Foods That Will Survive a Fallout-Style Apocalypse

The post-apocalypse isnot going to be the best place ever if movies and video games are any indication.  There’s going to be raiders, dune buggies, robots, mutants, radiation and a stark lack of snacks.  The only things likely to survive are canned foods, and not the good ones.  Those will be looted from Wal Marts int he weeks leading up the apocalypse.  Afterwards, if you want to roam the wastes like a Fallout-style warrior, look forward to filling your pack with this kind of stuff.

Snickers Canned in Tomato Juice

This will be helpful in the world that comes after.  The Snickers will give you a sugar boost and the tomato will help prevent scurvy.  Looks like Russia was thinking ahead.


Obviously this makes sense since you’re going to need to develop a taste for Radscorpions at some point anyway.  Learn to eat their small, pre-irradiated cousins and the future is looking bright.

All Day Breakfast

And you thought McDonalds just invented this.  No sir, it’s clearly been around since whatever lonely soul canned this unfortunate melange of textures.  Beans, bacon, sausage and what looks like a Scotch egg are all present.  You know this is surviving a nuclear blast.

Meat & Sauce

This is out there somewhere right now and it’ll be out there long after we’re all gone.  Oscar Mayer, in the 60s from the looks of things, got it in their heads to can meat with bags of sauce and the rest is history.  And, hopefully, the future. Imagine eating this with a super mutant buddy.  


Balls, Bangers and Beans

Where would Fallout even be without its trademark sense of humor?  Clearly these cans belong in that light hearted yet horribly violent and brutal post apocalyptic future.

Faces of Fish

The shelf that these are on is going to be fully stocked well past the end of civilzation, so you may as well give them a try.  Maybe the teeth are extra flavorful how do we know?


Is anything more delicious than a fungal infection found on corn that is then canned in what appears to be Cthulthu-leavings?  Try it and find out!

Burger Time


Everyone’s favorite, a delicious cheeseburger ready to eat right from the can just like mom used to make when the bombs were dropping.


That burger probably had you wishing you could make a scorpion sandwich, if only bread had somehow survived the apolcalypse.  Well good news, it did!  Making fresh bread is actually super easy too, but nowhere near as offputting as opening a can of brown raisin bread.


What list could possibly be complete without including Sweet Sue’s mucus-enshrouded whole chicken in a can?  Even ghouls wouldn’t touch this.


*Header image from glorytogaming